Md Sumon Rana: I love Agriculture

 Md Sumon Rana is currently serving as the Chairman of M/S Sumon Enterprise. He is one of the best dealers in the Comilla district and in the Chittagong division. He gives solutions to farmers to grow their crops. He also advises when need to use fertilizer in the field, pesticides,s and good seeds. His every piece of advice is helpful.

Brought improvement efforts to Agriculture. Under his inspirational leadership, M/S Sumon Enterprise became a goodwill in less than 4 years. Apart from professional work, he is involved in various social activities.

Sumon was born into a family full of love, affection, and bonding. His father was a police officer and his mother was a homemaker. Md Sumon Rana considers his father his mentor. From childhood, he was involved in many co-curricular activities and sports.

Md Sumon Rana: I love Agriculture

Picture: Md Sumon Rana

Sumon told us about starting his career —

"It wasn't planned to build a career, I started when I was 18. While completing HSC, I realized that I can't do my dream possible. My dream was to become a nuclear scientist."

Along with my studies, I used to commute to my father's business. There the farmers would ask me many questions and I would answer them. They would benefit from my advice. Since then I started looking after my father's organization with the love which I had learned from my father.

I am now working with many organizations in the country and outside the country. Their dealership is getting along very nicely with me.

They have a lot of confidence in me to take the dealership forward with reputation and they are in constant touch with me on how to improve my organization.

Large companies from Bangladesh and outside the country often visit my company and inquire.

Bangladeshi ACI Crop Care, Padma Oil Company Limited-POCL, Square Pharmaceuticals Limited. Crop Care Division, Petrochem Bangladesh Limited, and I am working with RFL Sulov spraying company.

Besides, I am working with the multinational company UPL.

Md Sunon Rana is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, as he is an example of talent, professionalism, dedication, and hard work. 

Although it sounds like a cliché, Tanveer strongly believes that there are no shortcuts to success. According to him, one must have a thirst for knowledge and learn to adapt to changing circumstances. He loves to take on challenges.

About future plans, he said, "I plan to contribute more to agriculture development in Bangladesh. Also, I want to work on a larger scale for the village people to make a meaningful difference in their lives."

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