Delta Life Insurance

Delta Life Insurance

Delta Life Insurance is now at 33. Delta Life Insurance Company Limited is proudly moving forward with a family of about 3.5 million members. It gives us a sense of immense joy when we simultaneously realize responsibility.

Yes indeed, we are aware of the fact that there is a lot of consent/transparency in business activities from insurers to cover 3.5 million lives.

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Delta Life Insurance

And Delta Life has been able to protect people's deposits with utmost honesty and dedication. In the last five years, we have paid more than taka. This has made Delta Life a trusted name in the country's insurance sector.

Delta Life 2016 celebrates 30 years of its successful operation. Earlier, in 2013, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of GN-GRB, with Delta Life launching microinsurance for the first time in the country.

We are the only local life insurer that has achieved a “AAA” credit rating for the fourth consecutive time. This achievement is a major indication of our strong financial foundation on which we are committed to providing the best benefit to our valuable policyholders and honorable shareholders for years to come.

Ordinary Life Insurance

Delta Life offers a variety of general life insurance plans to suit the needs of different people. Our insurance policies have more flexibility in terms of coverage, term, mode of payment, and supplementary policies, allowing policyholders to choose the coverage of their choice. We are providing excellent world-class services through our 26 Servicing Cells / Centers and 206 Agency Offices across Bangladesh. About 8000 development officers are at your doorstep to give you the best solution.

Gono Grameen Bima

Delta Life is the pioneer of micro-insurance in Bangladesh. Delta Life started micro-insurance in 1988 through the Grameen Bima scheme. The purpose was to bring low-income people under the umbrella of insurance and create a habit of regular savings through insurance. Delta Life has been providing socio-economic protection to low-income people for the last 30 years through mass insurance products.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is the most cost-effective way to provide immediate financial assistance in the event of the death of an insured employee and/or his / her family members. There are schemes under group life insurance that have provision for payment of a premium refund or insurance on retirement or maturity in addition to death risk coverage. It provides a financial security net for employees and their families. Knowing that they can benefit from such coverage is reassuring for both employers and their employees.

Health Insurance

In the current socio-economic context of Bangladesh, health insurance is the most affordable, affordable, reliable, and acceptable way to bring modern medical facilities within the reach of the common man, especially the fixed income group.

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